Summer Essentials:Sunglasses what they say about you

Summer Essentials:Sunglasses what they say about you

IMG_3257Sunglasses in this modern are now more so used to make a fashion statement than for eye protection.Ever  heard of the saying “you are what you wear” sounds very cliche but true.Your outfit, your shoes,nail art and accessories etc all play a role in your identity and how people perceive you.Summing it up we human beings do often tend to judge a book by its cover, but really i say what should really matter is what God thinks of you and what you think of yourself.I decided to share a collection of sunglasses and what i think they say .P.s some have never been worn and are up for grabs like the first ones feel free to ask.

The Retro round Kaleidoscope sunglassesIMG_3258

These are unisex but i think they are more on the girly side.These style of sunglasses  look really  cool, these say you are not afraid to step out your comfort zone , you have a  carefree  spirit,you love to explore new things and are adventurous .P.S they do have a pinkish and purplish tone just cannot  see that because the camera flash was on.

Oversize Gradient Vintage SunglassesIMG_3271

These are my Favorite,I like to call these the Kim K glasses,because i have noticed Kim K loves to wear oversize glasses.These say back off you  having a bad day or LEAVE ME ALONE not today.These can also mean you are  not feeling/looking  your best today so sunglasses to the rescue.I think they look fancy and  expensive, these are more for people with small oval faces.

Royal girl  Fashion SunglassesIMG_3263

These say you are chic and stylish,you can dress for the occasion .These are more for the girly girl and for someone fascinated with pink.They look fancy and are perfect for any face size.These are perfect for pictures under the sun because they  blend in well with most colors and patterns.

Cat eye Vintage sunglasses


These are my second favorite,I love these because they can be versatile.These say you are  unique, bold and not afraid to bring it back in style.These are very beautiful and stylish,i think they are appropriate for most ages.

Flat Top Mirror Clear sunglasses 


These are best worn when your make up is on fleek or the new saying “when your face is beat” because of their transparency,you pretty much just wanna look your best with these but they still would work for people that are not so into make up.These say you can be naughty ( in a good way) or nice.

Winla Fashion Rivet Shade UV400 Sunglasses


These are very neutral ,suitable for any occasion and outfit.These  are more on the simple side.These sunglasses say you love to keep it simple in style,you are not dramatic, more like on the reserved side.

Donna Vintage Nude Sunglasses


These are very simple and neutral; a little boring i must say.These  are appropriate for any age.These say you are a simple girly girl that loves  to look stylish in your own way,don’t care if you seem boring as long you okay with it.Perfect for everyday wear

Cat eye Twin-Beams coating Mirror sunglassesIMG_3280

These are very stylish and can add some level of glow to one’s appearance.They help you  appear more vibrant in pictures ( they are photochromic).These say you love to look good,making statements with fashion is your thing.These are for the girly girl, i love the way they look.These were really trending on IG not too long ago.

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