Rocking a big bold red purse/sharing exciting information

Rocking a big bold red purse/sharing exciting information

As you guys may or may not know; red seems be my favorite color.To be honest red I think red has become an obsession because now  almost everything has to have a little red in it.From every space in my apartment to almost every outfit.Whenever I have on an outfit that doesn’t call for anything red,I usually attempt to atleast add on a red lip color ofcourse making sure i don’t set off the whole outift .

Now about this outfit of the day;This outfit is very  casual perfect for parties and social gatherings.Can I take a second to express my love for the purse and the fact that it’s red doesn’t help any!It is very lightweight and can hold in almost anything,I just think it’s bold and lovely.I am quiet certain you guys can agree with me that red adds life to almost anything,it just has a way of making  anything look vibrant.So there you have it,you guys just learnt one more thing about me that perhaps you didn’t know.

Something else I would really love to share with you guys is my dream of opening an ecommerce store.I have been working hard and still am on bringing my eccomerece store to existence.The store will consist more of affordable shoes and purses,I just would love to share and make available any item I wear in my blog post  to you guys aswell.Needless to say please stay tuned and leave any questions or concerns below I will gladly answer them.Thank you so much for stopping by and for your support

Love Yaya

Outfit details

Black Blazer H&M

Black and white outfit  Gabes

Red Purse and Boooties will be available on ecommerece  store upon request