Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day


I am pretty sure most of us are familiar with the famous saying;“opposites attract” even though it is strictly used in reference to the dating worldit does too relate to the fashion worldBlack and white colors are prime examples; they are the exact opposites but yet they go so well together.Bright and dull colors tend to go well together because they compliment each other.When it comes to pairing and creating outfits, color coordination is very important.Another important thought to keep in mind is your body size.Ladies and some gents we have to know ourselves, know what works well and what will or will not flatter our bodies.I think we are all beautifully created, self-acceptance is the key.

I had created this outfit of the day in about two minutes or so when I was rearranging my closet.Closet rearranging is something I frequently do when am bored.While in the process, I stumbled upon my olive skirt which I have never worn before I then decided to create an outfit.I had envisioned the olive skirt matching well with a brighter color. While having other tops in mind, I opted for the mustard body suit.I then gathered my animal print shoes and animal print bag which I bought during my visit back home in Zambia.It was love at first sight with the bag.


Outfit Deets

  • Olive skirt.
  • Animal print shoes  from Gabes Formally known as Rugged wear-house.
  • Animal Print Bag Purchased while in Zambia as mentioned above.

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