Loft style apartment decor: My little place of haven

Loft style apartment decor: My little place of haven

After having several bad experiences with  room -mating,i finally decided it was time to get my own place.Ideally i wanted to live close to my school of attendance VCU ,that way i didn’t have to worry about parking because parking is such a hassle at the  school.I found my apartment on this was after touring several other apartments of which none seemed to have exactly what i was looking for.The location of my current apartment was a surprise,little did i know i was going to be staying above restaurants!It is located downtown right in the center of the city.I am surrounded with fancy restaurants and museums.My apartment turned out perfect for me ,it has an island kitchen exactly what i was looking for .The apartment is more of a loft style and of average size,perfect for  a bachelor or bachelorette.

IMG_3233For my couch i really wanted a white leather couch,so after thorough research,I  was able to find one on a company affiliated with Walmart.I love the fact that it  was within my price range and two it  turned out to be comfortable,I sometimes find myself sleeping on it if am too tired to make it to my bed.The coffee table is courtesy of it has about 6 unique led colors  that it changes into,i thought that was cool.For my theme colors, i was going for red and white but i ended up throwing in the two black Chanel Paris perfume bottle pillows to spice it up and make it look more chic.I added a lamp with fluorescent  bulbs in the corner just to soften up the room’s glow.Area rugs provide a great way to set the tone or add color to an area, so for my rug i was going for a red plush or rather fluffy rug,I found mine on

I mounted my TV on the wood thats in the center of my apartment of which i hate Arrgh! but i covered the wood with white wall paper to make it blend in with the theme colors


IMG_3228All in all I am so glad to share that i was able to stay within my budget

What are your theme colors or whats the most essential thing to have in a place you call home ?please share

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