My current obsessions:What’s in my bag ? Current Favorites

My current obsessions:What’s in my bag ? Current Favorites

Hello loves,so I Just thought of sharing my current obsessions/favorites.Am pretty sure we all have favorite items that tend to change with season and time, of course with the exception of  our cellphones.My first obsession in this post is the brown lace up strap bag.I think it’s such a lovely and unique strap bag,I also love it cause it’s a neutral color so it can be paired with so many  different outfits.The bag itself is very light weight with so many mini pockets that can pretty much  accommodate any average sized item.I think it looks stylish and pricy but trust me its very affordable less than $30.

My other current favorite item is the Better than Sex Mascara, I love it cause it doesn’t clump my lashes and it gives my lashes a dramatic curl while also adding fullness to my lashes,I highly recommend it for people who don’t wear falsies.My current favorite  lipstick is Rooch by Karruche courtesy of  Colorpop cosmetics, I think its its more like a metallic red  color. It is such a beautiful red matte color that adds boldness to your lips the only thing I don’t like is that it smears a little.

Benefit Porefessional is now my forever go to primer, it gives me that matte soft look while diminishing my pores like it’s supposed to.I find myself sometimes using it by itself without foundation because it gives my skin that good no make up look.I recommend it for people with oily skin like me .My current foundation obsession is the L’Oréal infallible it’s very affordable and i think it is way better than several high end foundations.The foundation gives me that radiant matte finish look,it appears very natural while providing about 9hr coverage.I am completely inlove with this Maybeline foundation I want to  wear it everyday but some days i have to give my face a break from make up,its very important to do so ladies.These are my current favorites and must haves for the moment.What are yours?


What’s in your bag?

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Mascara:Better than Sex:Sephora

Foundation: L’Oréal Infallibe:Walmart

Benefit Cosmetics: Benefit Porefessional :Sephora

lipstick:Rooch by Karruche:Color Pop Cosmetics