Ripped in three /Back to school Outfit ideas

Ripped in three /Back to school Outfit ideas

Ripped  jeans are just one of a kind that  will never go out of style, though some prefer to wear them certain seasons depending on how you rock them,i think they can be worn all seasons.Ripped jeans can be dressed up and dressed down.I love my pair in this  post that i bought from Fashion Nova, they are well elasticated  and very  comfortable.Mostly I love the fact that the color of the jeans  never fades i have had them for two years and some change.

When it comes to dressing,creativity  or  rather just making the best use of what you have is a must.I created three outfits with one pair of jeans just to share with you guys that  you can definitely dress on a budget, Outfit one is more of a dressy style,Outfit two is street/casual style, Outfit three is a  causal style. All three outfits are also perfect for back to school.Really its all about how you style and assemble your pieces.You don’t have to break the bank to look good.My Favorite outfit was outfit number one, i just love the two in one dressy/casual look.

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Red and Blue pumps:Go jane

White Dress Shirt:Ross

Mustard shirt:Ross

Red Purse: Rose wholesale

Stripped one Shoulder:Marshals