About Me


Heres a  girl  in her twenties ,who has struggled with confidence and self esteem for most of her life even though she would receive compliments from others of  how beautiful she is  and what unique features she has (especially her big eyes ),all those compliments were in vain because she believed the refection of her self in the mirror told her otherwise. This made her refrain from so many things and shy away from the camera,She is however finally happy to share that she is on a journey to self acceptance and self discovery ,she has realized she will never have a perfect face nor a perfect body but she will always have a wonderful personality which at most times makes people smile.

While on this journey she has discovered her strong passion for fashion.She  perceives fashion as a form of self expression and art.Born and raised in Zambia a country in the Southern part of Africa.She hopes to inspire someone out there  to just be themselves and know thats its okay to be different,so on this little space of hers she will be sharing fashion trends and ideas,beauty tips, life stories and traveling adventures.

She’s on some DR Suess  but this time she’s the cat out the hat.

She’s a lover of God

Phillipians 4:13

James 1:12

Matthew 19:26